About Us


If you are reading this welcoming page, it is probably because you own, or are considering owning, an Airstream.  At this stage, you think, as did each one of our members, that may be the only thing in common with the rest of us.

On further examination, you will find that we, like you, while maybe not a “professional”, are educated; we, as you, know how to be polite, are honest, take our fair share of responsibility, tasks, and blame.  You’ll find in looking at us, a fair amount to peak your interest.

So what do we do together ?  Well, our basis for activity, and early conversation, is the commonality of our Airstreams.  But given your time, and your participation, you will find yourself to be a life-long friend of some of us.  You will rejoice with our successes, and cry with our disappointments.

You can travel with anyone, or no-one.  But our group, in a low-keyed manner, will expose you to ways you may have forgotten on how to be a friend, a supporter, a sympathizer.  All of that, while traveling the roads of America, seeing in person the beauty you have seen pictured, learning from the “old hands”, and teaching the new comers who follow you.

Join us.